Arch Supports

Arch Supports

Arch supports are a specific type of orthotic device inserted into a shoe to help support the arch and reduce or eliminate arch pain. They are also sometimes used to help relieve other bodily pains, such as pain in the back, legs and other parts of the feet.


You can buy arch support insoles without a prescription from many drug and shoe stores. Popular brands include ArchMolds, Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk, Powerstep, PediFix and Spenco Medical.


However, it is typically recommended that if you are experiencing arch pain, you should visit a podiatrist, doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Not only can arch pain can be a symptom of conditions like accessory navicular syndrome, arthritis and flatfoot, an orthotics specialist can better assist you in designing the perfect arch support for your specific type of foot pain.

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