Comfort Patrol 6 Awesome Reasons To Wear Slippers

If you’re one of those people who questions why you should wear slippers, check out these 6 reasons wearing house shoes is simply the best.

6 Convincing Reasons To Wear Slippers

We’re pretty sure we don’t have to twist your arm to get you to wear comfy, cozy slippers. But just in case you’re not fully convinced that wearing house shoes is downright necessary during winter months, here are 6 reasons to wear slippers guaranteed to make you slip those fuzzy wonders on your feet and say “aaahhh.”

1. Slippers Really DO Decrease Your Risk Of Catching Colds And Flu

It’s no longer just an old wives’ tale: Experts warn having cold feet really can increase your risk of catching colds and the flu. Dr. Ron Eccles, director of Cardiff University's Common Cold Centre, has studied the issue for more than 25 years and explains that when your feet get chilly, it changes the way your body is able to fight off disease and illnesses.

“Chilling the feet causes blood vessels in the nose to constrict. It’s a protective reflex action which slows down the loss of heat from the body, to try to keep you warm,” he explains. “The skin goes white, the inside of your nose and throat goes white and blood flow to the nose is reduced. The white cells that fight infection are found in the blood, so then there are fewer white cells to fight the virus.” 

Being cold also slows down the movement of the tiny hairs in your nose that filter out germs, which can also increase your risk of developing sicknesses during chilly weather. 

Case in point: Wear slippers to prevent getting sick!

2. Slippers Keep Your House Clean

The soles of the shoes you wear outside are dirtier than a toilet seat. They contain feces, vomit, dirt, grime and millions of bacteria that have a 90% chance of transferring to the floor of your house if you don’t remove your shoes before stepping inside. To keep the nasty grime off your floors, be sure to take your shoes off before entering your house and wear inside-only slippers.

3. Wearing Slippers Can Make You More Productive

Numerous studies have shown that relaxed workers are more productive. And nothing signifies relaxation quite like donning a nice pair of warm, fuzzy slippers. So slap a pair on those cold feet and get to working on things like organizing your tax documents, updating your resume, balancing your checkbook or starting that novel you’ve always thought about writing.

4. Slippers Reduce Your Risk Of Bacterial And Fungal Infections

There’s a reason fancy spas hand out slippers to guests who are visiting the pool, sauna and other public areas of the facility. Slippers act as a comfy protective agent against communicable foot diseases like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus infections. So yeah, don’t just wear slippers to feel pampered. Wear ‘em to keep your feet healthy, too.

5. Slippers Prolong The Life Of Socks

Socks wear out pretty quickly if you wear them around the house, and unless you’re lucky enough to receive ‘em for every holiday, then you know how expensive those buggers can be. Give your pocketbook a break by wearing slippers instead of socks when you’re inside.

6. Slippers Can Prevent Household Accidents

Wood, tile and linoleum floors can be slippery — especially if you’re wearing socks. Most slippers have a bit of grip on the soles, which can drastically reduce those pesky trips and falls that seem to happen when you’re rushing to answer your phone, answer the door, get to the bathroom and the myriad of other things you do around your house.

The only drawback to wearing slippers: You’ll probably have to ditch your daily Tom Cruise Risky Business sock sliding routine. Damn the luck.

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