Webbed Toes

Webbed Toes

Webbed toes, also known as syndactyly, is a rare condition in which two or more of the toes are fused together by skin. Though it is commonly seen in animals like ducks and frogs, webbed toes are quite rare in humans and are only seen in approximately one out of every 2,000 births.


The exact cause of having webbed toes is unknown, but some experts believe it may be genetic. It has also been linked to conditions like Downs syndrome and Fetal hydantoin syndrome. The extra skin that connects the digits usually appears between the second and third toes, but it can exist between any of the toes. Sometimes the webbing is partial, and sometimes the webbing is complete.


Most cases of syndactyly are harmless and are considered to be a cosmetic problem only. However, surgery is sometimes performed to remove the excess skin. This is considered a form of body modification rather than a medical treatment.


Other names for webbed toes include duck toes, twin toes and tiger toes.

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