Women's Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoo

A foot tattoo is form of body medication made by inserting permanent ink into the skin of the feet and/or toes. Foot tattoos are becoming more and more popular, despite the fact that they are one of the most complicated tattoos to receive and take care of.


Because circulation to the extremities is generally poor and feet undergo daily stress and demands, foot tattoos take an extended amount of time to heal. They are also highly susceptible to complications and infections due to poor blood circulation, the necessity of wearing shoes, and their proximity to the germ-laden ground. Furthermore, foot tattoos are very painful because feet contain many bones that aren’t protected by padded skin.


Despite being painful, coming with a high chance of complications and a long healing time, the foot tattoo trend is very popular. Widespread designs include butterflies, swirly phrases, tribal prints, dotwork, floral motifs and birds.


Those who wish for a foot tattoo without the above-described risks can consider a non-permanent henna tattoo.


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