Foot Mask

Foot Mask

Foot masks are becoming more and more popular in the beauty world, likely due to their perceived ability to help detox the body, draw out impurities, quicken cell turnover, and seriously exfoliate and moisturize tough foot skin. 


What Is A Foot Mask?


A foot mask is a thick beauty product meant to be slathered on the feet. As a foot mask dries, it is said to help detox the body, draw impurities from the skin, boost circulation and cell turnover, trap and eliminate foot odor, and exfoliate, smooth and moisturize the foot skin. Some foot masks, like Baby Foot, promote skin peeling that leaves only fresh, new skin behind.


How Is A Foot Mask Different From A Foot Lotion?


A foot mask is different from foot lotion in that it is generally applied and then rinsed from the feet after a period of about three to five minutes. It is also not used daily, but rather weekly as part of a normal pedicure routine. 


How To Use A Foot Mask


  • To reap all of the benefits of a foot mask, start with clean, dry and already exfoliated feet. (You can exfoliate using a pumice stone, exfoliating foot product or foot file.) 
  • Slather a thin layer of the foot mask all over each foot, being sure not to skip the soles, toes and top of the feet. 
  • Allow the foot mask to fully dry, which can take anywhere from three to 10 minutes. 
  • Rinse with warm water and then follow up with a generous slather of good quality foot lotion or foot cream.