Foot File Definition, Uses

What Is A Foot File?

A foot file is a handheld device made from gritty, exfoliating material like metal or emery that serves to remove tough, dead skin from the feet similar to how sandpaper smooths wood. A foot file can be used as part of regular foot care to help keep the feet and heels smooth as well as help remove calluses.


Foot files come in a variety of different styles and strengths ranging from fine glass and emery paper that assist in gentle buffing to a rough Microplane type of file that shreds the dead skin similar to how cheese graters work. Foot files can be manual, meaning the user must rub the file on his or her own skin, but there are also electric foot files on the market, meaning the exfoliating material is powered by electricity or a battery so the user doesn’t have to put in as much effort to slough the skin.


Other names for a foot file include a foot scraper, foot buffer or callus remover.


Popular foot file brands include the Pedi Egg, the Amopé Pedi Electric Pedicure File, the Emoji Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover, the Care Me Electric Callus Remover, the Innoo Tech Callus Remover, and the TunderStar Pedicure Foot File.


Experts disagree on the best method for using foot files. Some say it’s best to use foot files on dry skin, while others insist it’s best to soak the feel before using a foot file. Generally, each person will naturally find the best foot file method that works for them.

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