Fangotherapy Mud baths


Fangotherapy is the name of a spa body treatment in which mineral-rich thermal mud, clay or peat is spread over the body for the purpose of purification, revitalization, deep cleansing and to help reduce bodily toxins. 


Some fangotherapy sessions include bathing in the mud (mud baths), others include mud massages, while others involve the simple application of the mud to the skin. 


Analgesic and detoxifying mud baths have been used since ancient times to minimize muscle aches and pains, draw out toxins from the skin and body and help ease conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, immune disorders, cardiac disorders, fibromyalgia, tuberculosis, acne, psoriasis, chronic dry skin and gout. Fangotherapy techniques also increase blood circulation, which opens follicles, aids in nutrient/waste exchange and increases skin elasticity. 


Fangotherapy gets its name from the Italian word “fango,” which means mud. The most popular place to receive therapeutic fangotherapy is at one of the many spas located in either Abano or Montegrotto Terme, two towns located in the volcanic Euganean Hills of Italy. 


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