On The Floor Jennifer Lopez Drops Gorgeous Shoe Collection

Jennifer Lopez has teamed with shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti for her own line of glamorous shoes that are absolutely TO DIE FOR.

Drop whatever you’re doing and start rounding up serious loads of cash, because Jennifer Lopez just debuted her new shoe collection and you’ll want to buy every single gorgeous pair.

Giuseppe For Jennifer Lopez

The famous singer also known as J-Lo teamed up with Italian shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti for the luxurious line, called Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez. The result is a collection of 16 show stopping stunners you can wear on your feet or even frame as artwork.

But the most important part? Lopez’ sparkly shoes, priced in the $1,000+ range, are said to be seriously comfortable.

“As a performer, movement is very important to me, and it all begins with your feet,” the singer told People. “Whether I’m dancing and need a specific shape for a certain choreography, or when I’m at an event and the height of the shoes completely changes my posture and walk, having high-quality footwear is not negotiable. Shoes go beyond simply accessorizing. They dictate how you carry yourself while wearing them.”

The Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez line debuts January 23, 2017, in stores and on giuseppezanottidesign.com.


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