If The Shoe Fits… Flickfit Scans Feet in 3D To Measure Perfect Shoe Size

Flickfit, brand new 3D technology currently being used in Japan, scans shoe shopper’s feet to ensure a perfect shoe fit with no pain, rubbing or blisters.

Flickfit Scans Feet So Shoes Fit Perfect No Pain Or Blisters

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We’re guessing that if you had a penny for every pair of shoes you bought that you initially thought would be comfortable but actually rubbed your feet raw, you’d be a zillionaire. It’s a common occurrence, and up until now, a pretty unavoidable one. But thanks to Flickfit, a new technology device that measures your feet in 3D, the pain and frustration of finding both your perfect shoe size and perfectly fitting new shoes could be a thing of the past.

Kiss Shoe Pain Goodbye With Flickfit 3D Foot Measuring

Tokyo-based Flickfit uses scanners and pressure sensors to take 3D readings of your feet that sync with smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. The resulting wire-frame template then tells the user his or her key areas of comfort and the dimensions of shoes that will give the most comfortable fit. In essence, it's like trying on shoes virtually. 

Flickfit is currently being tested in Tokyo, with the company planning to take its new technology to department stores across the country. However, Flickfit will be valuable outside of stores as well, if it’s successful: The company is said to be planning a Flickfit online store so customers can order perfectly fitting shoes from home, too. How’s that for modernizing the Cinderella story?

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