Flat Out Fabulous She’s Usually All Dolled Up, But Barbie Is Now Wearing Flats

The Barbie of today is much more down to earth than the Barbie of yesterday — literally — because the doll’s new adjustable ankles give her the ability to wear flats. 

She's Usually All Dolled Up But Barbie Is Wearing Flats Now

One small step for womankind was made in 2015 when Mattel introduced its new Fashionista Barbie line. For the first time in the doll’s 56-year history, she let go of one of her impossible body standards (as well as bunions and other foot problems) and is finally able to wear flats — all thanks to an adjustable ankle that frees her feet from their previously permanent high-heel position.

Mattel took to Facebook to announce the news about the doll’s new articulated ankles, writing, “Yes, you heard correctly! Barbie is kicking off her heels and wearing flat shoes for the very first time. She has strappy sandals, ballet pumps, beach shoes and other flats to wear — lucky girl having a closet full of shoes to choose from.”

Barbie has always been quite a fashionista. Designers like Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Burberry have made threads for the glamorous doll. So it comes as no surprise that she stepped up and started sweeting on flats during the same year celebrities also championed for flat footwear after Cannes Film Festival organizers controversially stated that any celebs wanting to walk the red carpet needed to wear heels.

Well, if Barbie doesn’t have to wear heels, neither does the rest of the world! And that’s fantastic, even for plastic.

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Kambra Clifford