Suitcase Savers How To Pack Shoes: Packing Tips For Footwear

There are many ways to pack a suitcase, but you’ll want to follow these packing tips for shoes in order to save space and protect both your footwear and clothing.

How To Pack Shoes Packing Tips For Footwear

Packing a suitcase isn’t always the easiest job in the world, as evidenced by the famous line “Pack my suitcase?!” spoken by Kevin McAllister in the classic holiday film Home Alone.

Fortunately, the following packing tips at least help make packing shoes a bit easier. So easy, an eight-year-old like Kevin could do it.

How To Pack Shoes Tip One: Plan

The first thing you’ll want to do before attempting to pack your suitcase is narrow down which shoes you plan to take along on your journey. Every trip is different, but most experts agree you should bring two pair of comfortable kicks like sneakers or sandals and one pair of formal shoes, whether it be business oxfords or that killer pair of stilettos that goes with any LBD (little black dress). 

Two pair of comfortable shoes might seem like overkill to some, but podiatrists recommend taking at least that many so you can rotate each day and avoid stress, blisters and soreness during sightseeing and other travel activities. 

Shoe Packing Tip Two: Stuff

A genius way to both save space in your suitcase as well as keep your shoes from crunching, crushing and becoming misshapen is to fill your shoes with as many undergarments, socks and other small items as possible. 

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How To Pack Shoes Tip Three: Cover

When you think about all of the germs and bacteria present on the soles of shoes, you’ll understand why this step is a no-brainer. Use either formal shoe bags or household items like shower caps and old grocery bags to wrap your shoes before placing them in your suitcase. If you’re packing delicate or expensive shoes, you may want to wrap them in an additional layer, such as in a soft, thick scarf or your travel pajamas.

Shoe Packing Tip Four: Layer

Most packing experts recommend that shoes go on the bottom of a suitcase, followed by items like jeans and sweaters. However, editors at footfiles prefer to create a layer of heavier clothing first, followed by a layer of shoes, and then a layer of lighter clothing items. This further helps your shoes from becoming crushed and helps keep the weight of the bag balanced. 

How To Pack Shoes Tip Five: Tip Over (The Shoes, Not You)

Depending on the shoe, you may want to place your footwear on its side rather than placing it in the suitcase upright. High heels and boots are an example. The best way to make sure they take up as little space as possible is to place them heel to toe. This means that you place one shoe in on its side, and then you nestle the other in a position in which the heel is touching the toe of its twin shoe.

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