Shine Bright K-Beauty Diamond Nails Are Dropping Jaws

The new diamond nails inspired by the Korean shattered glass nail trend create a super flashy sparkle that’s damn near blinding.

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If you’re dying to go into a sparkle-induced trance, you’ll definitely want to be in on the latest Korean beauty trend: diamond nails.

The extremely flashy nail art look is a stunning upgrade to 2015’s shattered glass nail trend, which was created by South Korean manicurist and founder of Unistella salon, Eun Kyung Park. As diehard fans may recall, the shattered glass technique involves layering prismatic pieces of cellophane under clear nail polish to mimic glass shards.

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Diamond nails, however, go the extra mile with what Park fans suspect must be holographic foils layered underneath the clear nail polish. The nail genius has yet to reveal her methods, but she did share some fascinating videos and mesmerizing photos of her diamond nail art look to give nail enthusiasts a taste of the bling they’re missing. And the best part is you don’t need a man to get this diamond. You just need a man…icurist.

Behold: Beguiling Diamond Nails Up Close 



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