Relationship Advice Have Relationship Questions? Your Feet Can Reveal The Answers

The new way to answer relationship questions is by examining the shape and soles of your feet, which can unlock personal dating advice and love secrets.

Your Love Life Revealed Via Your Feet

Forget self-help manuals, couple’s therapy and traditional dating advice. The real answers to how you and your significant other relate to one another might be found simply by examining each other’s feet, also known as a foot reading. So strip down (out of your socks, at least) and get ready to know you and your partner’s connection like never before. After all, the shape and condition of your feet just may have the ability to answer all of your relationship questions — and then some.  


Watch out for partners who can spread their little toe away from their fourth toe. This talent usually signifies a person who needs constant change and adventure to stay happy, meaning a committed relationship may be too much for him or her to handle. The good news about these people, however, is that they are often spectacular in the bedroom. So if a little fun is all you’re searching for, then spread your toes and fly!


Having high arches oftentimes signifies that a person has a tough time being alone and therefore craves attention from others. If your partner has high arches, watch out — he or she may be a bit clingy and too dependent on the relationship.


Heel fissures and other signs of irritation on the bottom of your feet could mean that you or your partner is not getting the affection needed from the relationship. If either of you suffers from dry, cracked heels, it’s time to cuddle up — or better yet, give each other moisturizing foot massages!


Having thin or narrow feet is a sign that you love being taken care of. If you have narrow feet, you may want to search for a partner who is both financially and emotionally stable as well as open to you leaning on him or her for support. Meanwhile, if your partner has skinny feet, you may want to be prepared take care of him or her in the long run. After all, thin feet are also called Princess feet!


People whose second toe is shorter than their big toe often experience financial issues, which is one of the leading causes of divorce in the nation. If you or your partner has a second toe shorter than your big toe, your relationship may benefit from being especially open and honest about all of your financial matters. After all, spending a penny for your lover's thoughts is a lot less expensive than the alternative...


Having very thick toenails can be a sign that you’ve spent a lot of time being under someone else’s control. If you have thick toenails, you may want to examine how much freedom (or lack thereof) your partner gives you. And if your partner has thick toenails, you may want to consider loosening your leash and giving him or her a bit more say in their own life, thankyouverymuch.


People with square toes have a tendency to be a bit bossy, which can get in the way of a peaceful relationship. Conversely, people with very round toes have the tendency to be pushovers, which can also harm an otherwise healthy partnership. Being aware of these character traits and doing your best to find balance can go a long way in building a happy, long-term connection.


Having hairy toes isn’t usually seen as a sexy physical attribute, but if you or partner has a little toe fuzz, it’s actually a good sign. People with hairy toes are often very loving and affectionate partners. Having hair on your feet also means you have strong and healthy circulation, and we all know what can happen when your blood gets to pumping strong!

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