Namaste Barefoot Naboso Technology Barefoot Training Yoga Mat

Everything you need to know about the Naboso Barefoot Training Yoga Mat, the world’s first barefoot training surface backed by science and research.

Naboso Technology Barefoot Training Yoga Mat Get The Facts

The barefoot training trend has taken the athletic world by storm, leading to a plethora of products that promise to help people make the most of their sans-shoes workouts. But a new barefoot training yoga mat by Naboso Technology — simply called Naboso Yoga Mat — is turning heads.

The specially designed training surface, brought to the market by Naboso Technology founder Dr. Emily Splichal (DPM, MS, CPT), a podiatrist who specializes in barefoot training, is constructed to help increase balance, neuro-feedback and postural stability.

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“Numerous research studies have demonstrated that the material used in current yoga mats actually de-activates and blocks the proprioceptors in the feet and hands,” states an official press release from the company. “Dr. Splichal also found that as soon as patients activated their nervous system, they would then train on surfaces that would immediately de-activate the feet and nervous system again. This translates to decreased stability and neuro-feedback during yoga exercises.”

The Naboso Yoga Mat was designed not only to address these concerns, but also to stimulate the small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet — which barefoot training experts believe can improve stability, strength and coordination. 

What To Know About Barefoot Training: Yoga And Beyond

Barefoot training — which includes barefoot running, walking, yoga and other athletic activities — has seen a rise in popularity over the past several years. The reason is because experts like Dr. Splichal have claimed that shoes negatively affect people’s natural gait, posture and balance, which can throw the body out of whack and lead to pain in the feet, legs, hips, back and neck. Barefoot training proponents believe that when a person engages in activities sans shoes, he or she is better able to control balance and posture, as well as maintain a natural style of body movement that reduces the risk of injuries and bodily pain. 

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Dr. Splichal is a leading barefoot training expert, having founded the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA) in 2012, developed the barefoot balance workout called the VCore® Workout, and taught over 20,000 professionals globally on barefoot science and foot to core integration during her years of expertise. She just recently launched Naboso Technology, with the Naboso Yoga Mat as one of the company’s inaugural products.

“What we train on, whether it be a yoga mat or AstroTurf, ultimately influences how our foot activates and communicates with the rest of our nervous system. This is especially important when we are training barefoot or focusing on movements that require rapid stabilization,” states Naboso Technology’s official website. “No training surface to date has been designed to specifically target the small nerve proprioceptors on the bottom of the feet. Dr. Splichal knew that the time was right and the industry was ready for a surface specific to barefoot training — and thus began the evolution of Naboso Technology.”

For more information about the Naboso Yoga Mat and Dr. Splichal, you can visit Naboso Technology’s official website

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