With All The Frills Lace Ankle Socks Are This Year’s Must-Have Fall Sock Trend

Frilly ankle socks are this year’s to-die-for fall accessory, and designers show the lace socks can be paired with ankle boots, flats and more.

Lace Ankle Socks Are THE Must Have Fall Trend of 2016

Calling all kindergarteners, er… we meant fashionistas: The fall 2016 runways point to lacy ankle socks as being the go-to sock trend this autumn.

Ankle boots are once again hot, hot, hot, and many designers chose to pair the footwear with ankle socks boasting lacy tops fit for a tea party. But cropped lace socks were also seen paired with pumps, sandals and even flats. 

To avoid looking too frilly, stylists suggest balancing out the ultra-girly sock look with menswear inspired pieces or pretty much anything else that doesn’t look like it belongs in an eight-year-old’s closet. But if looking fiercely feminine is your ultimate goal, the sky is the limit when it comes to on-trend legwear.

Check out a few styling examples of frilly ankle socks below for ideas on how you can work the lace sock trend into your wardrobe. 


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