Fall Boots: What Your Boot Pick Says About Your Personality

Fall boots have the power to reveal a lot about your personality, including your sense of style, adventure, friend count, and your fave social media site.
Fall Boots: What Your Boot Pick Says About Your Personality

Fall brings a bevy of fun and cozy activities like apple picking, festivals, candle making, baking, hikes and more. Shoe shopping is right up there, with picking the perfect pair of new fall boots a must. But did you know that whatever pair of boots you decide on for the season ahead can reveal a lot more about you than just your shoe budget? Believe it or not, your choice of fall boots can give away how many friends you might have, whether or not your sense of adventure is high or low and what social media site a quick snap of you would most likely end up on.

So grab a spiced cider or pumpkin latte, sit back, and take this quiz to find out what your fall boots reveal about you and your personality.

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