Shiny To The Max The NEW Chrome Nail Polish Trend: Unique Powder Delivers A True Mirror-Like Effect

Chrome nails have been taken to the next level with a special powder that gives a gel manicure or pedicure a truly smooth mirror effect.

NEW Chrome Nail Polish Trend: Powder Delivers Mirror Effect

Ladies and gentlemen, the world premiere of true chrome nails.

Thanks to a brand new technique that melds gel manicures or pedicures with a special powder, chrome nails no longer contain shimmer or sparkle and instead deliver a true, blindingly shiny mirror-like finish that is ultra reflective. 

Social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are flooded with tutorials and videos about this new powder nail trend, with hashtags like “mirror” and “chrome” abounding. The popularity of the new chrome nail polish trend has become so out of control, the word “chrome” pulls up just about as many nail art related photos and articles as it does photos and articles about automobiles and the actual metal itself. 

So how does one hop aboard the new chrome nail train that delivers manicures and pedicures that give mirrors a run for their money? Most nail art aficionados are still heading to the salon, as the process isn’t for the faint of heart. But Los Angeles-based nail artist Sarah Bland-Barbuto says it’s not impossible to achieve the new chrome nails at home. 

“I think for people who already do their gel nails at home it's easy for them to try this technique, especially because they'll only have to add a few items to their collection of products,” she told Fashionista, adding that you’re lucky if your nail salon offers the new chrome nail look at the moment. “I know a lot of salons are starting to carry this powder, but it's still not as common as it will be. Part of the problem is that companies are selling out of it so quickly because of its popularity.”

To find out how you can achieve the new chrome nails for your manicure or pedicure, check out the YouTube videos Mirror Powder Nails and Chrome Nails with NO SHIMMER (yes, all caps necessary), both of which are added below.

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Kambra Clifford