Gouda 'da Here Swiss Cheese Inspired Nail Art Tutorial: Manicure Meets Fromage

A seriously cheesy Instagram nail art tutorial that teaches users how to make a Swiss cheese inspired manicure is creating quite a stir.

Swiss Cheese Inspired Nail Art Tutorial Manicure Meets Fromage

Holy cheese, Batman!

There’s a new Swiss cheese manicure trend sweeping the Internet, but not everybody think it’s so grate.

Nail artists and cheese lovers (aka turophiles) are head over heels in love with the holey yellow look that includes drilling holes into the end of the nail to achieve a realistic effect, but trypophobes (people who are afraid of tiny holes) are cowering in repulsion.

For those who love the trend so much, they just want devour it, good news: The controversial nail art tutorial by Tastemade Japan is available for viewing below so you can copy the look at home.

We’ve also added a few more cheese inspired nail art looks to get your creativity flowing. Just don't blame us if you suddenly need mousetraps!  


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Kambra Clifford