Hue Can Do It A Cute and Easy Summer Nail Hack For Lazy Girls

Feeling ridiculously lazy but still want to look smashing? Take inspiration from springtime rainbows to create this super simple multi color manicure and pedicure look.

Poolside Cocktail, Colorful Manicure and Pedicure

Ah, the lazy days of summer. Long hours spent lounging around in the sun, barely lifting a finger unless it’s to flip the page of your fashion magazine or take a sip from your poolside cocktail. But unfortunately, due to the smorgasbord of Instagram and Pinterest pics, there’s high pressure to look insanely cute while lounging around doing practically nothing.

You’ve no doubt already got a make-‘em-drool bikini, but what about those fingernails and toenails? If your manicure and pedicure are not up to beauty board par and you just can’t be bothered with complicated nail art tips and tutorials, try this easy-peasy nail hack trick that takes zero effort but still manages to deliver impressive wow-factor: Paint each of your nails in a different color for a super simple rainbow nail look.

The beauty of this multi-color nail effect is that anything goes: You can use any nail polish colors, any nail polish brand and any color arrangement you see fit. It’s just swipe, swipe, swipe, and instant fabulousness. But of course, extra bonus points if you manage to choose hues that either match or compliment that killer bikini…


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Kambra Clifford