Foot Jewelry How To Wear A Toe Ring

Wearing toe rings doesn’t have to scream 1997 or imply that you’re a married Indian princess. Here’s how to wear a toe ring in a current, stylish and comfortable way.

How To Wear Toe Rings

Beyoncé croons that if you like it, then you should put a ring on it. But sometimes if you don’t like it, you put a ring on it, too. At least, that’s usually the case with feet and toe rings. After all, one of the best ways to instantly make your feet appear nicer and more glamorous is sliding a shiny object on your tootsies — that is, if you know the difference between the modern version of the fashion trend and the 90s version of the toe ring trend.

If you’re wondering how to wear toe rings — including which toes take to rings best, how long until toe rings feel comfortable and which styles will ensure you look modern rather than looking like you just left a Natalie Imbruglia concert — search no further. Here’s how you can pull off wearing the foot jewelry.

Choose Which Toe Gets The Ring

Like marriage bands, choosing the proper toe on which to place your ring is important. Toe ring virgins usually start with the second toe or the third toe of either foot, as they’re usually the most comfortable digits to place the ring.

Party conversation: In some cultures, such as in India, wearing toe rings signifies that you are a married woman. Indian brides usually wear a pair of rings on the second toe on each of their feet. While the Indian tradition is beautiful and can be appropriate for non-Indians in some fashion situations, keeping the jewelry simple, thin and modern is the best way to keep the look current.

Where Should You Position The Toe Ring?

The most comfortable place to position a toe ring is usually right in between the toe pad and the toe knuckle. It’s one place where your toe doesn’t touch the floor. The ring should be slightly difficult to slide on and off (in fact, you may have to use soapy water or Windex to get it off), but it SHOULD be able to spin in position around your toe, otherwise it is too tight.

How Long Until A Toe Ring Feels Comfortable?

If you have a properly fitted toe ring, it should feel comfortable and lose its “weird” feeling within 24 hours of putting it on. Yes, the first 24 hours may be annoying. But you get used to it, we promise! And though you normally wear the trend with open toe shoes (it’s how you show them off, obviously), properly fitted toe rings can be worn with almost all shoes and footwear with no pain or problems. 

Fitted Versus Adjustable Toe Rings

There are two types of toe rings: those that are fitted and solid in structure, and those that bend to adjust to the toe. While adjustable rings may seem like the easiest, most obvious choice, they actually can be the more annoying option. Not only do they snag on things like carpet, socks and pebbles, the flexible metal can tarnish and break down over time, shortening the lifespan of the ring. Fitted rings may seem like they’d be stiff and uncomfortable, but as we mentioned above, if fitted properly, you’ll completely forget it’s there within about 24 hours of first placing it on your foot.

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Toe Ring Sizing Tips

If you opt to purchase a fitted toe ring, there are two ways you can go about measuring your toes to find your perfect size. The first is to use a standard ring sizer, which most jewelry stores have. The second is to do it yourself at home with an online ring sizer, which many jewelry store sites now offer.

What Styles Are Best?

The best way to go about choosing what style of toe ring to wear is to pay attention to the current ring trends for fingers. Generally what is fashion forward on the hands will be fashion forward on your feet (this tip goes for pedicures, as well!). A current hand ring trend that also looks great on the feet is to stack a few hair thin rings together on various toes.

Toe Ring Do's And Don'ts

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when wearing toe rings (or any foot jewelry, such as anklets):

  • Never wear toe rings or ankle bracelets underneath stockings or pantyhose. Doing so definitely screams 1997.
  • Wearing floral, beaded and jeweled toe rings also has a tendency to embody the 90s, so err on the side of caution when wearing a style other than simple, thin metal bands.
  • Simple is usually better in the case of foot jewelry. Keep it understated and elegant, unless you’re purposely going for a Bohemian, fairy princess or beach bum look.
  • Pay attention to price; inexpensive rings are often made out of cheap metal that can stain your skin. It's best to choose real gold and silver.
  • Be careful when wearing foot jewelry in the ocean. Sharks are attracted to shiny objects, after all!
  • If you wear toe rings, you should also invest in getting a pedicure every now and then. Your toes will be extra noticeable, so you’ll need to make sure they look extra nice.

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