Thirst Quenching AmLactin Foot Cream: Miracle Cure for Dry Feet and Calluses?

It consistently gets glowing reviews and claims to be podiatrist recommended, but is AmLactin Foot Cream really your best bet against dry, cracked feet and calluses?

Amlactin Foot Cream Review

Imagine slipping into bed next to your lover, ready to snuggle up and cuddle for the night, only to be suddenly pushed away while he or she yelps in pain. Anyone with super dry, cracked heels and feet knows the scenario. Those Sahara-like tootsies may as well be chainsaws. But what’s a person to do when regular lotion just doesn’t seem to take care of those heel fissures and calluses? AmLactin Foot Cream may be able to help. 

The Good

The cream, which claims to be the #1 brand recommended by podiatrists, has a patented Ultraplex formula that contains emollients and humectants that work to heal dry, callused feet. (For those wondering, emollient is a posh word for something that moisturizes the skin, while a humectant is something that prevents the skin from losing moisture.) But it’s AmLactin Foot Cream’s high concentration of lactic acid (over 10%) — a chemical derivative of milk that increases cell turnover and therefore basically forces soft, new skin to grow — that users rave about the most.

Skin cracks on heels

Previously available only via prescription, the alpha hydroxy acid therapy AmLactin provides is pretty powerful. Each of their moisturizing products contains a mixture of lactic acid with either an ammonium hydroxide, potassium or sodium lactate. Basically, AmLactin creams make your skin bulletproof to beauty threatening dryness, calluses and heel fissures. Oh, and additional bonuses: The price of a typical 3 ounce tube is just under $10, and you can find it at pretty much any drugstore. 

The Bad

There’s no such thing as perfection, and AmLactin Foot Cream unfortunately falls prey to this reality. While it can work wonders for many people suffering from dry, cracked heels and feet, many people are turned off by its boring packaging and what some describe as an unpleasant "medical" smell. Perhaps these critics were searching for a spa experience in a tube, but most people who suffer from truly dry and cracked feet probably don’t mind how the product is presented or if it has a medicinal smell... as long as it works!

The Lovely

Overall, AmLactin Foot Cream is a good weapon against dry, cracked feet and toes. Even though its smell may not be the most pleasant, it’s a non-greasy moisturizer that really can be a miracle cure for heel fissures and calluses. Dry feet beware: AmLactin is coming for you!

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Kambra Clifford