Toe’tally Cool What Your Foot Shape Reveals About Your Personality

Wanna know what your foot shape reveals about your personality? Do this quick and easy foot reading to find out! 

Stones in the Shape of Feet and Toes

You might snub your toes at the idea that the shape of your feet can reveal your personality, but you may be surprised with just how scarily accurate your feet depict you. Read on to discover how to do a foot reading and how your foot shape can determine how you think, feel and make decisions.

Foot Shape 1: The Common Or Rome Foot

Also known as a Roman Foot, the Common Foot is characterized by all five toes gently sloping downward, the big toe being the longest digit and the pinky toe being the shortest digit. While you may assume that because it has “common” in its name, the shape denotes a Plain Jane personality, you couldn’t be further from the truth. People with a Common foot shape are usually very social and outgoing, as well as always open for new experiences, whether they include love, travel or anything in between. One of the downsides of having a Common foot shape is the tendency to be a bit arrogant or eccentric.

Foot Shape 2: The Flame Or Greek Foot

Also known as Fire Foot or Greek Foot, the Flame Foot is characterized by the second toe being longer than the big toe. Just as the name implies, people with this foot shape tend to be fiery when it comes to new ideas and motivating those around them. In addition, their personality is very energetic, athletic and/or creative. One of the drawbacks of having a Flame foot is that the person can often feel anxious or make impulsive decisions, which can lead to stress and other intense emotions.

Foot Shape 3: The Stretched Foot

The Stretched Foot is characterized by a set of long toes that fit tightly together, almost as if the foot is trying to squeeze toe-first into a tiny tube. People with this dainty foot shape are often ruled by their emotions, though their thoughts are generally pretty private. They tend to be idealists, always creating a world based on their own daydreams. The downside to a person having a Stretched foot shape is that they are so ruled by their moods, they can be a bit impulsive. 

Foot Shape 4: The Square Or Peasant Foot

Also called a Peasant Foot, the Square Foot is characterized by a set of toes that are all about the same length, which makes a rectangular shape. This foot shape denotes a person who is steadfast in their choices and never willing to give up — meaning they set goals and achieve them. The downside to a person having this foot shape is that they often over-analyze ideas and choices, considering each and every option before jumping in. But there’s a silver lining to this personality type: When square footed people finally make a decision, they go through with it wholeheartedly. 

But That’s Not All, Folks ...

The shape of your feet says a lot about you, but other characteristics of your foot can reveal amazing things about you and your personality, as well. For example, as foot experts like Jane Sheehan and Imre Somogyi have said, a longer second toe indicates that a person probably won’t succeed financially; a high arch on the bottom of your foot could mean that you’re stubborn and unwilling to accept help from anyone; having bunions means you do far too much for others and not enough for yourself, and having excessive hair on your toes often signifies that you’re extremely sensitive (a personality trait you often hide behind humor). 

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Kambra Clifford